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Why Miessence?

Why Miessence?

Miessence understands that nurturing our personal health goes hand in hand with nurturing our planet. It doesn't make sense to look after ourselves at the expense of our environment, yet it is happening all around us.

I believe honesty and authenticity are priceless commodities in a crowded "wanna-be-green" marketplace.

So, here are my three fundamental reasons for choosing Miessence products:-

1) What they DO contain: Pure, potent and safe Certified Organic ingredients.
Nature has provided us with healing, nourishing plant extracts that have been known since ancient times. See a list of some of the amazing qualities of our certified organic ingredients here.

2) What they DON'T contain: Synthetic chemicals & toxic nasties
Synthetic chemicals do not belong on our skin, in our bodies and homes. Take a look at the ugly truth about mainstream ingredients in our toxic ingredients directory here

3) The business ethic of Miessence: - holistic & truly eco-sensitive business practices.
Business can be a force for positive change. Indeed it must be if we are to flourish individually and globally. Miessence supports organic farmers and follows impeccable Green Business practices. Read our environmental statement here.

The importance of being Certified Organic...

Across the globe many people are spending their money is a more eco-friendly way. Or trying to. Marketing departments are well aware of this and so we have the unfortunate phenomena known as "Green Washing" ie portraying products, or their ingredients, as more environmentally friendly than they really are.

In the midst of so much hype how do we know what is really natural, pure and therefore safe? The only way is to look for the Certifed Organic logo.  

Miessence is the worlds first skin care range certified organic to internationally recognised food grade standards and is proud to carry the ACO Certified Organic logo. And the Miessence range now goes far beyond skin care to include nutrition, body, home care & cosmetics. Find out more about our range here




Take note: Not all logos were created equal!

The ACO/ IFOAM logo meets strict internationally recognised FOOD GRADE certification requirements. That means it contains nothing that would not be allowed in Certified Organic food. After all why would you put on your skin what you wouldn't put in your mouth?  

Unfortunately there are now a number of logos in the marketplace making 'Certified Organic' claims. Few  meet internationally recognised food grade standards. Methods and criteria for calculating 'organic' content vary, and can be quite misleading - hiding ingredients that are definitely not 'organic' or 'natural' (e.g ammonium lauryl sulfate, phenoxyethanol) and using 'organic' floral water to bump up the overall supposed 'organic' content.

Note:  water cannot be 'organic' and is NOT included in the ACO calculations.


Narelle Chenery
Director & Creator of Miessence  

"Education is the key to empowering consumers to see through the 'green- wash' of slick product marketing to recognize products for what they really are. Misleading labels and clever advertising relating to organic content often mask the use of potentially toxic ingredients, which seriously undermines the integrity of the organic claim."

Glass vs Plastic - the Packaging Dilemma

The Miessence commitment to ethical & sustainable business practices doesn't stop with using Certified Organic ingredients.   Even Narelle was surprised when see looked into the environmental impact of glass vs plastic packaging. Read about Narelle's journey of discovery vis a vis packaging dilemmas



Our Rejuvenessence Facial Serum was honoured with this prestigious industry nomination.



Independent 3rd party endorsement of our green business practices.



$5 from every new Miessence Representative's Joining Fee is given to the David Suzuki foundation.  


Don't fall for Green-Washing!

See Miessence Directors Narelle Chenery and Alf Orpen explain

- why "natural" and "organic" claims on a label can be misleading (to say the least)
- what Certified Organic means and why it's important.



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For me, nurture includes how we eat, rest & play. How we earn & spend our $$. How we relate to ourselves and others.

I believe, wherever we choose to invest our precious time, money and energy, we willl be more effective (and happier!) if we remember to nurture holistically - ourselves (mind, body,spirit) and our planet.

The Nurture Hub was born to explore all that this Nurture Mindset can mean.

You will see, as a Miessence Rep, I'm fortunate to have an income source that reflects my values. It also gives me time to continue discovering, devising & sharing manageable steps to nurture ourselves & our world.

Take a look around the Nurture Hub - it's lovely to have you visit.  


Miessence Representative Managing Executive & Gold Sponsor

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