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My Miessence products arrived today - very prompt delivery. We love them, thankyou for your recommendations. The family's response was very positive. The aroma of the products is divine with the abundance of fresh essential oils that most products only give a hint of. I have had positive feedback from clients.I am especially impressed to hear of the food grade quality organic ingredients nourishing my skin.
Medical Herbalist
Dulwich Hill

Thanks so much for introducing me to the Miessence range Fiona. I's such a relief not to have to keep looking for products that really are pure and no synthetics. I love the Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and the Rose cleansing bar - the kids love the foaming hand soap and I'm impressed that i's refillable. Thanks for being so helpful with my orders too.

I LOVE the products! Fiona is a fantastic advocate for the products - very knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you.

I've been using the Tahitian Breeze Deodorant, Sunflower Body Wash and Intensive Body Cream every day for about 5 years now and intend to continue! I love how they smell, how they feel on my skin and I love knowing exactly what is in them.

I have very sensitive skin and most skincare products give me a rash or offend my sense of smell but I have never had an adverse reaction to any Miessence product.

I have used Miessence products exclusively on my face, body and hair for the last 8 years and would not consider changing. I am not a young woman but my face and body have remained moist with soft skin and few wrinkles. I find the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair strong and shiny and have received a number of compliments on its thickness and lustre which I put down to the Misessence products - if I have had to revert to using 'normal' hair products I have found that my hair becomes sticky and flat.

Miessence products are also economical and long-lasting as the amounts used each day are small.

Another important aspect for me is that I also know that I am using clean, organic products and am not putting processed chemicals on my skin and hair so I am helping myself and the environment (they don't go down the drain either). I hope the company continues for a long time and wish them and their representatives every success.

I use the Miessence facial products - moisturiser, foundation, cleanser. I'm really happy with them all. They make me feel good & my skin looks alot better, without looking 'made up'.  Fiona is great, friendly, helpful and not at all pushy.

Thanks a lot Fiona! Very informative and helped me harden my resolve to eliminate chemicals from my family's life!

My daughter and I were impressed with Fiona's knowledge of organic skin care and in particular the Miessence products. The products felt lovely on our skin and they smelt divine too. We happily ordered our cleanser, skin conditioner, moisturiser, rejuvenessence and the garnet exfoliant (which arrived 2 days later - fantastic). I's great to try new products especially knowing that they are organic and so so good for your skin. We will be continuing to use these lovely products in the future.

Thank you for getting in touch again. I enjoyed trying new products that I feel I will be using for many years.
Beverley Park







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