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Health Care
Health Care - Superfoods

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Skin Care

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Hair Care

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Body/Oral Care

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Home Care


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Spend $150 in one order and you'll automatically become a Miessence Lifestyle Member. You'll get 20% off that order...and all your future orders. I would say that's fantastic value! No minimum purchase required after your first order of $150.What could be easier?


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Carbon Negative

Miessence has become a carbon negative company through the purchase of carbon credits exceeding our usage.

For the full company environmental statement click here.


Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you buy a Miessence product and it's not right for you for any reason, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. This applies to all Miessence products excluding cosmetics. (for full details of the Miessence Refund Policy click here)

If you change your mind about a product, you will just need to pay postage back to our warehouse.
If the product or packaging is faulty, postage is covered by Miessence. (contact details on your invoice)

Value Packs
We all want to save look at the great value from Miessence.

Health Care value packs
Save 15% off with our 3 packs
3 fantastic Certified Organic Superfood preparations.Get one of each for broad spectrum Nutritional health with our Vitality Pack.
[More info

Or stock up on your favourite with our 3-of-a-kind packs  
[More info]  


Skin care value packs
3 full sized products @ 10% off
The Skin Essentials Pack contains the 250ml cleanser, 100ml skin conditioner and 50ml moisturiser.
[More info]   

Note: Miessence has 4 skin profiles to cater for different skin types. Full details here.


Healthy Body
Nutritional Pack
Includes Fast Tract- a liquid probiotic which means maximum potency and effectiveness.  
[More info]






Healthy Home Bathroom
Changeover Pack
Ditch the chemical soup in the bathroom! [More info]


Healthy Skin Facial pack
Compliment your daily skin care routine for especially gorgeous glowing skin.[More info]


Healthy Hair Pack
Let your locks shine without the build up of chemical nasties.
[More info]

My Personal Favourites


Rejuvennessence Serum

This is my skins god-send all year round!  So deeply moisturising and protecting. It's 4 super potent oils so wonderful in drying winter winds, and scorching summer heat. Jojoba, rosehip, avocado, sunflower oil... good you could eat it! I feel invincible when I wear this one out to face the world each day, and so nurtured & nourished when I use it before bedtime.
[More info] 

Berry Radical 

My afternoon pick-me-up. Where would I be without it? A potent mix of natures most delicious anti-oxidant superfoods.  Raw cacao, freeze dried blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pommegrante....D-lish! I only learnt about anti-oxidants when Miessence released this product in 2009. Their great anti-ageing properties are not about vanity, but about protection on a cellular level. This is important in prevention of so many modern day diseases of affluence. I have it with hot (not boiling) water and a dash of  milk (dairy or non), but there a endless ways to enjoy...on ice in summer is good too.  [More info]

Desert Flower Shampoo

Well, who doesn't want glorious, shiny hair? Not by coating in synthetics and suffocating your hair!  But by letting it breath! Must point out that when first using the Miessence hair care, our hair will detox (ie get rid of the plastic coating on the strands) which can result in a few bad hair days whilst transitioning. Stick with it!! This shampoo (with the Herbal Shine Conditioner) has my hair soft and shiny...with no salon products full of dubious nasty chemicals!   [More info]  

Our Best Sellers


Another learning curve, this time about probiotics. Simply put, our intestinal health and cleanliness dictates how much nutrition we are able to absorb from our food, and how well we elimnate the waste in our system. So much of modern day life kills off the good bacteria in our gut, leaving us listless and vulnerable with a depleted immune system. InLiven not only has a full spectrum of bacteria, but 26 Ceritifed Organic living whole foods as well. I wouldn't have time to source 26 living wholefoods each day...let alone prepare and eat them! But with InLiven I get all that goodness and probiotic benefits in one teaspoon / day (and so do my kids!)   [More info]  


Tahitian Breeze Deodorant

Now doesn't everybody want a deodorant that actually works!!  And without the toxic chemicals? Miessence deodorants have bicarb of soda as their main ingredient. Tahitian breeze is a floral/citrus scent, also available in Ancient Spice and Aroma free. [More info]  

Balancing Skin Essentials Pack

What would be the point in spending time/money and energy on skin care full of toxic ingredients?  Enjoy the nourishing, resortative properties of Mother Nature herself, in the Miessence simple 3 step daily Skin Essentials. Even a working mother of 3 can manage that!  (I actually do a 5 step with the Garnet exfoliant and Rejuvenessence serum too)  Cleanse in the shower, condition (not toner - toners are drying/stripping to the skin) then moisturise. Easy and beautiful! [More info]  



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For me, nurture includes how we eat, rest & play. How we earn & spend our $$. How we relate to ourselves and others.

I believe, wherever we choose to invest our precious time, money and energy, we willl be more effective (and happier!) if we remember to nurture holistically - ourselves (mind, body,spirit) and our planet.

The Nurture Hub was born to explore all that this Nurture Mindset can mean.

You will see, as a Miessence Rep, I'm fortunate to have an income source that reflects my values. It also gives me time to continue discovering, devising & sharing manageable steps to nurture ourselves & our world.

Take a look around the Nurture Hub - it's lovely to have you visit.  


Miessence Representative Managing Executive & Gold Sponsor

Watch this helpful skincare video

Miessence founder and director Narelle Chenery with the Miessence 2 minute daily skin care routine.

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