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Nurture 101

ll-health is rife. Stress levels are high. Our planet suffers. We are more affluent but less happy. What have we forgotten? The importance of nurture.

The Oxford dictionary defines
nurture as "nourish, rear, foster, train, educate".

Nurture is not frivolous. It is not pampering.  It is holistic and nourishing. And it is personal.

Yet it seems that for women, in particular, self-nurture comes right down the bottom of the To Do list, if it is even on there at all!

We forget, if we ever knew, that in nurturing ourselves we become more effective...and a lot happier! We are then better able to contribute to the people and ideas that are important to us. (Read more in my Need to Nurture article)

Put simply, I believe nurture comes down to...



Nurture Your World

Nurture Your Health


Nurture Your Mind and Spirit


Nurture Your World

Our most precious asset is our health. Science is just beginning to confirm what to me seems common sense - optimal nutrition is the ultimate preventative health care.

For me, this means
eat optimally - 'Real Food' and organic where possible.

exercise moderately or passionately!

avoid toxics and synthetics - laboratory made substances don't belong in our food!


Be it reading, studying, taking time to mediate, converse or simply contemplate. For me, this means both taking in and letting go.

taking in and sharing new knowledge and experiences

letting go of expectations of perfection

being compassionate with ourselves and others.

fostering relationships with respect and harmony.


Your world is unique. It's your neighbourhood, your community. And it's also our world - this tiny yet vast blue planet. For me this means, thinking holistically about:-

agriculture supporting organic farmers and real food producers

product ingredients Certified Organic or synthetic?

energy sources renewable sources or coal burning?

packaging minimalist, recyclable, lowest footprint possible?

business practices supporting eco-sensitive initiatives and ethical business.

re-connecting with and reviving community based networks

Few of us can be environmental superheros but small, sustainable actions taken by many can make a difference.

Of course in this wonderful and complex world, nurture doesn't fit neatly into three distinct subheadings.

The elements are inter-connected. 

Approached holistically they have far reaching possibilities.

I believe if we can live with a nurturing mindset,
we will allow peace and harmony into our hearts and
the result will be nothing less than a better world.



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For me, nurture includes how we eat, rest & play. How we earn & spend our $$. How we relate to ourselves and others.

I believe, wherever we choose to invest our precious time, money and energy, we willl be more effective (and happier!) if we remember to nurture holistically - ourselves (mind, body,spirit) and our planet.

The Nurture Hub was born to explore all that this Nurture Mindset can mean.

You will see, as a Miessence Rep, I'm fortunate to have an income source that reflects my values. It also gives me time to continue discovering, devising & sharing manageable steps to nurture ourselves & our world.

Take a look around the Nurture Hub - it's lovely to have you visit.  


Miessence Representative Managing Executive & Gold Sponsor

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