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Nurture yourself and your world.

- nurturers since antiquity. Endowed with deep wells of feminine energy to tend, teach, heal, help, create, learn and love.

But ask yourself - where does self nurture fit into your life? Does it currently have any place at all?

To be effective in our families, communities and our world, we need to make time for ourselves.

All women benefit from discovering their own path to sustainable self care. I'm proud to represent Miessence as part of that process with its nurturing, holistic approach to the care of our health and our planet.




Why Miessence


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Certified Organic purity with a business ethic to match.


Discover Certified Organic health, skin, body & home care.


Create an ethical & flexible income in the flourishing organics industry.

Nurture inside & out 


Nutrition: the key to
vibrant health

Optimal nutrition is essential for optimal health.

With the rise of the so-called Diseases of Affluence, we could all use some supercharged nourishment to get us back on track and keep us there. Nurture your health simply & effectively with Mother Natures potent, plant based "superfoods"? (more)

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For me, nurture includes how we eat, rest & play. How we earn & spend our $$. How we relate to ourselves and others.

I believe, wherever we choose to invest our precious time, money and energy, we will be more effective (and happier!) if we remember to nurture holistically - ourselves (mind, body,spirit) and our planet.

The Nurture Hub was born to explore all that this Nurture Mindset can mean.

You will see, as a Miessence Rep, I'm fortunate to have an income source that reflects my values. It also gives me time to continue discovering, devising & sharing manageable steps to nurture ourselves & our world.

Take a look around the Nurture Hub - it's lovely to have you visit.  


Miessence Representative Managing Executive & Gold Sponsor

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